Help!!  I know we all have so many questions right now, so in order to provide you answers as quickly as possible, I'm going to begin listing student/parent question here, so we all can benefit from the information.  If you have something you'd like me to add, please let me know!

Q:  How do I login to Sora?

A.:  It is your 9number, then our standard password.

Q:  What is my Lexia login?

A:  It is your # that usually starts with a 2.  Send me a Bloomz message or email and I can provide it to you securely.

Q:  How do I get to Google Classroom?

A:  Open a Chrome browser window, then sign-in with your 4-4-4.  This is the first four digits of your first name, first four of your last name, and the first four of your 9#.  Then, add: to create your email address.  Password is what we use in class.

Example:  John Gavin,

Q:  How do I get on Epic?

A:  Go to, and enter class code pji4545

Q:  What is the SplashLearn code?

A:  AM class is:  HLKMKK, and PM class is:  IIJKEC

Q:  What are the Google Classroom codes?

A:  Google Classroom code for AM Class is:  gl2fqzo and PM Class is:  mhh3aph.


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