We use many great websites for learning at school, and most are also available for your child to use at home.  They use the same login information as they would at school.  Most students have these logins memorized, however, if they need them written down for home please let me know.

Our Google Classroom - students should go to Google.com, then sign-in with their 4-4-4, and password (first four of first name, first four of last name, first four of 9#) then @granitesd.org.  It is a little tricky, but we practice this at school!

Diamond Ridge Elementary Website - our official school website with updates and information

SplashMath - our daily Math review website

Lexia (individualized reading program)

SpellingCity - this program has the week's spelling words along with fun games to practice them.  Click on this week's story to get the current list.

Starfall - a great website for reading practice

Parent Portal - where you can access your child's assignments and grades anytime once you set up an account

TumbleBook Library - a fun, interactive way for children to have books read to them

PBS Kids - a fun, interactive site with favorite characters

Nearpod Lesson Login


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